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Maia's all set for a swim!

Dog Walking Services:

Dogs require companionship, physical and mental stimulation, and let's not forget the ever-important potty break. Many behavioral problems result from isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. With proper attention and exercise provided on a daily basis, your dog will be happier and healthier. Our dog services will help fulfill your dog's needs.

Dog Park Adventures (minimum 2 trips a week)

Give your dog an adventure at one of North Seattle's off-leash dog parks. Our experienced pack leaders entertain dogs with fun games of fetch, follow the leader and group obedience games. Dogs who join our pack not only get fun time to romp with buddies but also learn to stay with their human leader. They keep up their vital doggie social skills and get the benefits of being a part of a dog pack. Contact us for information on openings.

Some selection criteria apply such as:

  •  Must have a valid Seattle city dog license
  •  Must be up to date on all vaccinations recommended by your vet
  •  Must be non-aggressive in close quarters with other dogs
  •  Must not be food or toy aggressive
  •  Must not have excessive dominant behaviors
  •  Must have the ability to walk off-leash at voice command
  •  Must travel well in vehicles

Park Adventures include:
  •  About an hour at the dog park
  •  Plenty of off-leash exercise
  •  Socialization with other dogs
  •  Reinforcement of cues and training
  •  Taxi to and from park
Fees for dog park adventure:
  •  $22 per trip per dog
  •  20% discount for multi-dog household

Dog Day Camp (minimum 2 days a week)

(only available in the Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Green Lake, Wallingford, Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods)

We now offer a new service where your dog will enjoy a full day of supervised exercise and socialization under close supervision by an experienced dog handler. We pick up your dog in the morning and go to the off-leash park twice throughout the day with lots of down time to rest. Your dog will be playing and socializing with the same small group of dogs. The dog handler will become familiar with your dog and can work on any behavioral issues they might have. In the afternoon, we drop off your dog at your house fully satisfied. Overall, You can be confident your buddy has had a safe, fun and stimulating day!

Dog Day Camps include:
  •  5-6 hours away from home
  •  Group Socialization with same dogs
  •  2 trips to the off-leash park (about 2 hours at the park)
  •  Pick-up and drop-off
  •  Reinforcement of cues and training
Fees for the Dog Day Camp:
  •  $35 per Dog Day Camp

Leashed Dog Walks (minimum 2 walks a week)

Private, leashed walks are especially good for older dogs, puppies or dogs with special needs.

Leashed Dog Walks include:
  •  Yard turnout for immediate relief
  •  Leashed walking around your neighborhood
  •  Reinforcement of cues and training
  •  Freshen water, provide snack or lunch as needed
  •  Clean-up if accident occurs
Fees for leashed dog walks (includes up to 2 dogs from same household and with same routine):
  •  15 minutes $15 per walk
  •  20 minutes $20 per walk
  •  30 minutes $30 per walk

Group Dog Walks (minimum 2 walks a week)

(only available in the Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods)

Does your dog have a friend or friends nearby who she loves to walk or play with? This service is for you! It is a great way for your dog to get that all impoortant social time with their friends. Your dog will enjoy a long, fun, leashed outing with 1-2 other buddies briskly walking around your neighborhood and/or playing in your yard. The walker will work on cues and reinforce training. You and your neighbor will need to agree on at least 2 days a week to get the dogs together and we will do the rest.

Group Dog Walks include:
  •  40 minutes of walking and/or yard romping
  •  Socialization
  •  Freshen water, provide snack or lunch
  •  Clean-up if accident occurs
  •  Reinforcement of cues and training
Fees for Group Dog Walks:
  •  $24 per group walk per dog
  •  Ask about a shorter option, when available we can provide 20 0r 30 minute group walks as well

Yard Clean-up

We will thoroughly clean your yard of dog waste.

Fees for Yard Clean-up:
  •  1x per week $15
  •  2x per week $10

   Please check our Service Area Map to ensure we cover your neighborhood.

   Please call us at 206.579.8996 or email us at  infoATraincitypetsDOTcom to set up a consultation.

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